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Coastal Research Communications

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

EMAP Western Pilot - Coastal Ecosystems (PDF, 1 pp., 83KB)
National Coastal Assessment - Coastal 2000 (PDF, 1 pp., 235KB)
Managing Coastal Data (PDF, 1 pp., 151KB)
Gulf of Mexico Aquatic Mortality Network (GMNET) (PDF, 1 pp., 404KB)
Coastal 2000 Report Card - Gulf of Mexico (PDF, 1 pp., 92KB)
Georgia Coastal Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 177KB)
Evaluation Guidelines for Ecological Indicators (PDF, 1 pp., 569KB)
Coastal Conditions in the Virginia Province (Cape Cod to Cape Henry) (PDF, 1 pp., 221KB)
Integrated Monitoring of Mid-Atlantic Estuaries (Delaware Bay to North Carolina) (PDF, 1 pp., 216KB)
Moving towards National Marine Water Quality Criteria (PDF, 1 pp., 217KB)
Earthday Outreach and Education Efforts (PDF, 1 pp., 752KB)
National Coastal Report Card - North Carolina Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 315KB)
National Coastal Report Card - Puerto Rico Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 97KB)
National Coastal Report Card - Gulf of Maine Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 110KB)
New Bedford Harbor - Long-Term Monitoring Program (PDF, 1 pp., 140KB)
National Coastal Report Card - Massachusetts Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 106KB)
National Coastal Report Card - Albemarle-Pamlico Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 230KB)
National Coastal Assessment - Long Island Sound (PDF, 1 pp., 83KB)
Florida Coastal Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 90KB)
National Coastal Assessment - New Jersey (PDF, 1 pp., 81KB)
National Coastal Research and Monitoring Strategy (PDF, 1 pp., 146KB)
2001 Coastal Monitoring Through Partnership (PDF, 1 pp., 216KB)
2000 Coastal Assessment - New Hampshire (PDF, 1 pp., 89KB)
Coastal Assessment 2000 - New York (PDF, 1 pp., 90KB)
Computer Aided Tomography for diagnosing estuaries (PDF, 1 pp., 185KB)
Endagered Species Sensitivity and Ecological Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 390KB)
National Coastal Report Card - Maryland Coastal Waters (PDF, 1 pp., 300KB)
Veracruz Pilot Program (PDF, 2 pp., 2,258KB)
National Coastal Assessment - Rhode Island (PDF, 1 pp., 86KB)
Delaware Bay Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 87KB)
Alabama Coastal Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 109KB)
Maine Coastal Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 47KB)
Ocean Response Coastal Analysis System (ORCAS) (PDF, 1 pp., 71KB)
Remote Sensing of Coastal and Estuarine Waters and Habitats (PDF, 2 pp., 232KB)
South Carolina Coastal Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 96KB)
Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Estuarine and Great Lakes Program (PDF, 1 pp., 158KB)
National Coastal Assessment - Mississippi (PDF, 1 pp., 96KB)
National Coastal Assessment - Louisiana (PDF, 1 pp., 116KB)
National Coastal Assessment - Texas (PDF, 1 pp., 110KB)
National Coastal Assessment - Delaware (PDF, 1 pp., 303KB)
National Coastal Assessment - Alaska (PDF, 1 pp., 254KB)
Barataria-Terrebonne, Louisiana - Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 136KB)
Galveston Bay, Texas National Estuary Program (PDF, 1 pp., 145KB)
Virginia Coastal Assessment (PDF, 1 pp., 1,716KB)
National Coastal Assessment - Training and Quality Assurance (PDF, 1 pp., 80KB)
Development of Nitrogen Loading-Response Models for Northeast U.S. Estuaries (PDF, 1 pp., 2,334KB)
Integrated Monitoring and Assessment for Effective Water Quality Management (PDF, 1 pp., 116KB)
An Approach to Comparing Biotic Conditions of Streams and Associated Salt Marshes (ORD & OW) (PDF, 1 pp., 135KB)

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