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Gulf Ecology Division


At the Gulf Ecology Division, we are committed to sharing knowledge and working with partners in any way compatible with our mission as part of a national research laboratory. Our scientists often speak at schools and community events. We also host tours, by appointment only. For additional information, contact Alice Watts at (850) 934-9240 or watts.alice@epa.gov.

As a research organization, the Division is not involved directly in environmental regulation, enforcement, or policy. For questions of this nature, please contact EPA's Region 4 office in Atlanta, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Also see Partners (and other links) at this site.

The Gulf Ecology Division also participates in national programs and local community events. Some of our recent activities include:

Feds Feed Families

Feds Feed Families is a program where federal employees nationwide join forces to supplement local food banks depleted stocks. The Environmental Protection Agency was one of over 40 government agencies to participate in Feds Feed Families. Last year, federal employees from across the nation raised more than 7.2 million pounds of non-perishable food items. In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency collected well over 70,000 pounds with the Gulf Ecology Division collecting 420 pounds.

Seagrass Awareness Festival

GED participated in the 12th Annual Seagrass Festival on Saturday, March 31, 2012 in Gulf Breeze, Florida. GED's display included a poster describing seagrass research at GED, one of the division's small boats and various diving gear and water sampling equipment. GED's research includes studying seagrass coverage to predict future distribution and changes, evaluating factors that make seagrasses an important habitat for juvenile fishes and invertebrates, exploring how chemicals and nutrient pollution affect seagrass health, and developing computer models that predict how seagrasses react to changing environmental conditions.

Earth Day

GED was one of 51 exhibitors participating in the Earth Day Pensacola festival on Saturday, April 21, 2012. Despite rainy weather which drove exhibitors indoors, the festival was attended by 1,500 people and was called a "smashing success" by event organizers. GED's booth contained an estuarine environment with sheepshead minnow and shrimp, a live coral environment, samples of mysid and brine shrimp, touchable coral and shell samples from the Caribbean and Pacific, and a dissecting microscope with display providing a unique view of aquatic organisms. GED's Steve Jordan also educated festival attendees with an informative lecture on Sustainability.

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