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Gulf Ecology Division

William S. Fisher
(850) 934-9394

  • Ph.D., University of California, Davis; Physiological Ecology, 1982
  • M.S., Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA; Cell Biology, 1973
  • B.S., Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA; Biology, 1971
Current Position
  • Research Biologist
Previous Positions
  • 1990 - 1996: Supervisory Research Pathobiologist, U.S. EPA, Gulf Breeze Environmental Research Laboratory,
    Gulf Breeze, FL
  • 1988 - 1990: Assistant Professor, Marine Biomedical Institute, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
  • 1986 - 1988: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies, Horn Point Environmental Laboratories
  • 1985 - 1986: Senior Fulbright Researcher, Bretagne France
  • 1983 - 1985: Research Associate, University of Maryland, Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies, Horn Point Environmental Laboratories
  • 1982 - 1983: Instructor, Zoology Department and Animal Science Department, University of California, Davis
Areas of Specialization
  • Influence of natural and anthropogenic environmental factors on marine invertebrates, particularly bivalves, crustaceans and corals
  • Bioassessment of coral reefs and biocriteria monitoring programs
  • Quantifying ecosystem services from coral reef attributes
  • Sustainability of coastal ecosystems and communities
Current Research
  • Puerto Rico Sustainable Communities Task in the Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program: This task comprises cross-disciplinary research to better characterize sustainability of ecological, economic and social systems in coastal communities of Puerto Rico and to improve decisions affecting sustainability through development of information (such as goods and services provided by coastal ecosystems), decision support tools (such as spatially-explicit land use models) and stakeholder engagement (such as workshops on decision options and management preferences).
  • Watershed Linkages Task in the Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research Program: This task employs measurements made on land, in the rivers and along the coastline of Guãnica Bay, Puerto Rico, to characterize the effects of land use (agriculture, reservoirs, municipal development, etc.) on coastal ecosystems, including biological resources and ecosystem services. Information from this task feeds directly into considerations of ecological, economic and social sustainability and land use decisions indicated in the task above.

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