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Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) and the Group on Earth Observations (GEO)

Graphic of Global Earth Observation System of Systems

Earth observations include measurements and monitoring of the Earth under water, on the land surface and beneath, air and water quality, of atmospheric conditions, and measures of the health of humans, plants and animals. Measurements can be made directly or by sensors in contact or remotely, and all these observations support modeling or other tools that create information for environmental decision-making. Read more basic information about GEO.

The EPA Group on Earth Observations, also known as EPA GEO, serves as a forum to facilitate the Agency's response and contribution to the development of GEOSS, including EPA’s Advanced Monitoring Initiative program and projects. The ultimate goal of GEOSS is to provide decision makers with scientific information that can advance societal benefit areas including human health, ecosystems, climate change and air and water quality. The GEOSS architecture integrates environmental observation, monitoring data and measurements with modeling to support and inform environmental decision-making.



GEOSS Contacts: Dr. Gary Foley (919)541-0711 or Montira Pongsiri (919) 564-0978

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