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Proposal for an AIRNow Gateway System that Will Provide Real-Time Data to the Scientific, Research, and Educational Communities to Improve Forecasting and Public Health Protection

Project Leads and Affiliations:

Phil Dickerson and John White, EPA/Office of Air and Radiation

Key Collaborators:

Kenneth Schere, Sher Schranz and Paula Davidson , NOAA
Michael Howe, Environment Canada,
Lawrence Reiter, EPA/Office of Research and Development

Project Abstract Written: October 2005

Project Timeframe: 2006 - 2008

Project Summary:

The AIRNow program spans the continuum from data collection to knowledge and decision making by assembling and distributing hourly air quality information (real-time data and forecasts) for the United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico. However, these valuable data and information are currently not readily accessible by other EPA programs and outside organizations whose applications and programs could utilize AIRNow data to improve their products for decision makers and the public. Broad and fast distribution of AIRNow data will greatly enhance and promote the advancement of air quality research and, thus, the understanding and education of the American public concerning air quality issues. AIRNow Gateway will provide an opportunity for interested outside parties to integrate these rich data sets into their applications to better achieve project success.

The objective of this project is to develop AIRNow Gateway – an off-site real-time broadcast feed for providing and delivering AIRNow data. More specifically, the project will consist of four major tasks:

The work will be performed through an existing multi-year Level of Effort EPA contract that supports the AIRNow program. We have assembled many collaborators to help design the features and output of AIRNow Gateway and to test and refine the system. After AIRNow Gateway implementation, the EPA AIRNow program will develop Fact Sheets to be distributed to the AIRNow community and use existing communication methods to advertise the availability of AIRNow Gateway. A special tutorial training video will be developed describing how to access and use the variety of web services and data products generated by AIRNow Gateway for outside organizations.

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