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Global Earth Observation System of Systems Tools

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There are numerous datasets, models, decision support tools, and programs that EPA manages, oversees, supports, or uses. Identifying these tools is key to the development of a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). Other federal agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration work with a myriad of databases, models, and programs that will also contribute to the GEOSS.

The image below provides links to measurement and monitoring datasets, models, decision support tools, and programs with which EPA is involved. Choose a section (i.e.; air/models, water/programs) to expand that section for more detailed information.

measurement and monitoring models Decision Support Tools Programs
Air Air: Measurement, Monitoring, and Databases Air: Models Air: Decision Support Tools Air: Programs
Water Water:  Measurement, Monitoring, and Databases for Water Water: Models Water: Decision Support Tools Water: Programs
Land Preservation Land Preservation and Restoration: Measurement, Monitoring, and Databases Land Preservation and Restoration: Models Land Preservation and Restoration: Decision Support Tools Land Preservation and Restoration: Programs
Healthy communities/ecosystems Healthy Communities and Ecosystems: Measurement, Monitoring, and Databases Healthy Communities and Ecosystems: Models Healthy Communities and Ecosystems: Decision Support Tools Healthy Communities and Ecosystems: Programs
Compliance/Stewardship Compliance and Stewardship: Measurement, Monitoring, and Databases Compliance and Stewardship: Models Compliance and Stewardship: Decision Support Tools Compliance and Stewardship: Programs
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