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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Data

Monitoring of GHG data began in 2010 for most emission sources and the first reports were submitted to EPA in September 2011. Forty-one source categories now report GHG data which account for 85-90% of U.S. GHG emissions. The goal of the GHGRP is to collect accurate and timely data to inform future policy decisions.

GHGRP Publications

Greenhouse Gas Data Publication Tool

GHG map EPA’s online data publication tool, called Facility Level Information on GreenHouse gases Tool (FLIGHT), allows users to review information quickly and easily by filtering GHG data in a variety of ways including by facility, industry, location, or gas. FLIGHT displays data in two distinct sections:

  • Direct emitters are facilities that combust fuels or otherwise put GHGs into the atmosphere directly from their facility. This data is the default view for FLIGHT.
  • Suppliers are those entities that supply certain fossil fuels or fluorinated gases into the economy which, when combusted, released or oxidized emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

For more information on using FLIGHT, visit FLIGHT’s help page.

If you have questions about the data presented in FLIGHT, you can visit the GHGRP Data Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact us with questions not addressed by the FAQs.

Download GHGRP Data Sets

In addition to FLIGHT, 2013 GHGRP data is available for download in Excel format and through Envirofacts.

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