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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Power Plants

Power Plants icon. The power plant sector consists of facilities that produce electricity by combusting fossil fuels and/or biomass. The sector includes units that are subject to the Acid Rain Program and any other electricity generators that are otherwise required to report to the EPA CO2 mass emissions year-round according to 40 CFR part 75. This sector also includes combustion units serving electricity generators that are located at facilities with primary NAICS codes of 221330 (Steam and Air-Conditioning Supply1) or 2211xx (Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution), which includes some part 75 reporters that report heat input to the EPA on a year-round basis. The emissions from this sector are solely from stationary fuel combustion sources.

1 Establishments primarily engaged in providing steam, heated air, or cooled air. The steam distribution may be through mains.

Power Plants Sector — Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reported to the GHGRP
(all emissions values presented in million metric tons CO2e unless otherwise noted)
  2011 2012 2013
Number of facilities:   1,589 1,601 1,572
Total emissions (CO2e): 2,221 2,088 2,101
Emissions by greenhouse gas

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2):
  • Methane (CH4):
  • Nitrous oxide (N2O):




Totals may not equal sum of individual GHGs due to independent rounding.
CO2 emissions from the combustion of biomass are NOT included in emissions totals provided above.

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