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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

User and Facility/Supplier Registration for the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP)

Facilities and suppliers subject to the GHGRP must register online through the e-GGRT system. The diagram below presents an overview of the registration process. Click on each box or option to view a more detailed description of the registration step. Please refer to the e-GGRT Registration Help page for additional, detailed information on Facility/Supplier Registration. Further guidance on registration is available for Subpart W reporters in regards to entering the facility address into e-GGRT (PDF) (1 pg, 25K) and additional guidance, specifically for onshore petroleum and natural gas producers (PDF) (1 pg, 16K). Additional information and news on e-GGRT can be found at www.ccdsupport.com. Exit EPA disclaimer

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