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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

New Features in FLIGHT

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Online Greenhouse Gas Data Publication Tool, FLIGHT

EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program is the only program collecting facility-level greenhouse gas emissions data from major industrial sources across the United States.

EPA publishes this data annually through the on-line tool FLIGHT, as well as EPA’s environmental database Envirofacts.

FLIGHT allows users to view EPA’s greenhouse gas data by industry, by geographic location, and by greenhouse gas. For example, users can:

  • Locate and list top emitters nearby
  • View emissions data from a specific industry
  • See the breakdown of emissions by city, state, or region
  • View emissions trends in an industry, a selected geographic area, or from a specific facility
  • Download images of search results, such as maps, lists, and charts, for printing and sharing.
  • Find information on GHG’s near you using your mobile device through FLIGHT Mobile.

Learn about all the features of FLIGHT in our online trainings. Exit EPA disclaimer

EPA has released its third year of detailed, facility-level greenhouse gas data from the largest stationary sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

Through the online data publication tool, FLIGHT, and the environmental database Envirofacts, EPA published greenhouse gas data submitted by over 8,000 reporters to EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program.

The data include greenhouse gas information from large stationary facilities, as well as suppliers of fossil fuels and other products that result in greenhouse gas emissions when burned, released or used.

Enhancements to the Data Set

This year, EPA collected additional data from power plants, the waste sector, coal mines, and manufacturers of electrical equipment. This new information includes underlying data used to calculate facilities’ greenhouse gas emissions. The new data are helping EPA verify the accuracy of reported emissions.

In addition, this year an increasing number of facilities in the petroleum and natural gas sector used more rigorous reporting methods for 2012 reports, reflecting a maturing program and an increasingly robust data set from this sector.

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