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The Gulf of Mexico (America's Sea)

Gulf of Mexico (America's Sea). Beneath the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico lies a world beyond imagining. Where dolphins laugh at passing schools of fish, and ancient sea creatures swim along side nature's latest prototypes. And far above, graceful gulls call out to each other as they float effortlessly across the sunny, blue sky. But all is not well.  A closer look reveals paper cups and plastic bags. Fishing line and six-pack rings float atop the gentle waves - tempting traps for curious birds and hungry fish. Much of this debris will find its way to the shore where it will join broken bottles and rusty cans, spoiling the natural beauty of the Gulf's sandy beaches, until a wave washes it out to sea again. And so the cycle continues. What can be done to protect the gulf from the careless acts of humans? Well, you can help. By pledging to do your part, and by helping to educate others, you can make a difference! Just as children must have parents or guardians to protect them from harm, so must the Gulf. Become a Gulf Guardian by pledging to do your part. Go to the next page to find out how.

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Gulf of Mexico Program Office
Mail Code: EPA/GMPO
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-6000
FAX: 228-688-2709

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