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Characterization Report Review

This outline is provided to help you record comments about the Characterization Report. Does the report provide sufficient information to allow the WET to make a recommendation about whether or not to proceed with implementation of this project? Please note any inaccuracies, and indicate additional information sources and sections that need clarification. Contact Dan Farrow if you would like an electronic version of the form.


Section 1: Summary.


Section 2: Descriptive Information

1. Project Identifiers

2. Problem Description, Restoration Strategy Description, and Background Information

3. The Affected Area (maps or written description)

4. Potential to Increase Areas Available for Safe Harvest and Other Project Benefits

5. Potential Positive and Negative Interactions with Other Coastal Activities

6. Cost Information

7. Financing Mechanisms

8. Current Status of and Factors Affecting Project Support (and potential education)

9. Project Participants

Section 3: Action Items for Implementation

10. Potential Implementation Team

11. Detailed Restoration Strategy Description

12. Education and Outreach Opportunities to Further Project Implementation

Gulf of Mexico Program Office
Mail Code: EPA/GMPO
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-6000
FAX: 228-688-2709

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