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To facilitate information specifically for the Gulf of Mexico, the GMPO has created the web pages Surf Your Gulf Watershed. This new site will have all needed information within the GMPO targeted Priority Areas. Using Surf Your Watershed, Decision Documents, and the WATERS Expert Query Tool as data sources, GMPO has developed the most comprehensive 303(d) results for all Gulf of Mexico stakeholders' use.

GMPO grantees are required to list the HUCs and the impairments for their study area, and many times are unable to do so because the data comprising the HUCs and impairments are not readily available.


  1. The primary objective for the establishment of the Surf Your Gulf Watershed website is to provide the most detailed and up-to-date EPA-approved impaired waterbody list for our Managers, Project Officers, grantees, and stakeholders.

  2. Surf Your Gulf Watershed helps the Gulf Program and EPA meet the goals and objectives as tracked in EPA’s Strategic Plan under Goal 4: Protect the Gulf of Mexico, Objective 4.3.5: Improve the Health of the Gulf of Mexico.
  3. Assist the Gulf States in implementing actions to restore 20% of the impaired waters in the 13 priority coastal areas to levels that meet state water quality standards by 2009.
  4. To provide an account of all impaired waters within the Gulf of Mexico Program’s Priority Watersheds, as well as those waters where TMDLs have been developed and those waters that have been restored.  These impaired waters are then mapped to verify location and to visually illustrate the location.


Gulf of Mexico Program Office
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