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List of Impaired Waters (Mississippi)

Mississippi Coastal Basins, Mississippi Coastal 3170009
Cycle 2006

New WBID Waterbody Name State Basin Name # of
1 AL03170009-0102-100 Bayou La Batre Escatawpa 1
2 AL03170009-0201-100 Mississippi Sound Escatawpa 1
3 AL03170009-0201-200 Portersville Bay Escatawpa 1
4 AL03170009-0201-300 Grand Bay Escatawpa 1
5 MS109BCUE Bayou Cumbest Coastal Streams 1
6 MS109E04M Bayou Casotte   2
7 MS112DT Dead Tiger Creek Coastal Streams 1
8 MS113JE Rotten Bayou Coastal Streams 2
9 MS114JE Cutoff Bayou Coastal Streams 2
10 MS115BCE Bayou Caddy Coastal Streams 3
11 MS115BLCE Bayou La Croix Coastal Streams 3
12 MS118BBM1 Turkey Creek Coastal Streams 1
13 MS118BPE Canal Number 3 Coastal Streams 1
14 MS118F Flat Branch Coastal Streams 1
15 MS118HBE Heron Bayou Coastal Streams 1
16 MS118MBE Mallini Bayou Coastal Streams 2
17 MS186T Turtle Skin Creek Pearl River 1
Total # of Impairments 25

Delistings for Mississippi Coastal Basins

Delistings for Mississippi Coastal 3170009

WBID Waterbody
Status Delisted Basis for Delisting
1 AL03170009-0102-100 Bayou La Batre Impaired Water Segment OE/Low DO no TMDL
2 AL03170009-0201-100 Mississippi Sound Impaired Water Segment    
3 AL03170009-0201-200 Portersville Bay Impaired Water Segment    
4 AL03170009-0201-300 Grand Bay Impaired Water Segment    
5 MS109BCUE Bayou Cumbest Impaired Water Segment    
6 MS109E04M Bayou Casotte Impaired Water Segment Total Toxics Delisted due to Good Data (no TMDL)
7 MS112DT Dead Tiger Creek Impaired Water Segment    
8 MS113JE Rotten Bayou Impaired Water Segment    
9 MS114JE Cutoff Bayou Impaired Water Segment    
10 MS115BCE Bayou Caddy Impaired Water Segment Siltation, Turbidity TMDL Approved
11 MS115BLCE Bayou La Croix Impaired Water Segment Siltation TMDL Approved
12 MS118BBM1 Turkey Creek Impaired Water Segment Fecal Coliform TMDL Approved
13 MS118BPE Bayou Portage Impaired Water Segment    
14 MS118F Flat Branch Impaired Water Segment    
15 MS118HBE Heron Bayou Impaired Water Segment Sediment/Siltation, Turbidity TMDL Approved
16 MS118MBE Mallini Bayou Impaired Water Segment    
17 MS186T Turtle Skin Creek Impaired Water Segment    
18 MS109BHE Bayou Heron TMDL Completed Nutrients, OE/Low DO TMDL Approved
19 MS118GBE Graveline Bayou TMDL Completed Fecal Coliform TMDL Approved
20 MS112E1 Catahoula Creek Restored OE/Low DO Delisted due to Good Data (no TMDL)
21 MS114M2 Delisle Bayou, Unnamed Tributary Restored Biological Impairment Error in Original Listing
22 MSMSSOUNDM Mississippi Sound Restored Total Toxics Delisted due to Good Data (no TMDL)

In Summary:

Impaired Water Segments 17
TMDL Completed 2
Restored 3


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FAX: 228-688-2709

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