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Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Request for Proposals

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Our December 9 and December 16 webinars were well attended by over 1200 participants.  Many questions were submitted and are answered below.

Answers to questions we have received

The following document is a list of questions received and answers given on the RFP. Please note that where questions were similar in nature, you may not see your individual question, but one similar enough to provide your answer. There may be a slight lag between question submittals and
questions being posted. Please also note that EPA will not be responding to individual question submittals via email. Please look to this document for answers to your questions.

Answers to questions we have received (pdf, 85 pages, 209 Kb, updated January 28, 2010, noon CST)

Significant clarifications included in this posting include:


Script used in Nearshore portion of December 16, 2009 webinar (pdf, 2 p. 24 kb)


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