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Great Lakes Human Health Program

Great Lakes Human Health Network (Network) was established to improve the exchange of environmental-related health information across the Great Lakes basin. The Network was formed in December 2002 under the guidance of the Binational Executive Committee (BEC), a body comprised of senior Canadian and U.S. officials, to create a forum or mechanism to discuss human health issues directly related to Great Lakes water quality. The Network addresses health issues related to the ecosystem of the Great Lakes basin, including drinking water and recreational water quality, and fish consumption.

The Network is a voluntary partnership of representatives of both US and Canadian governments and their agencies whose purpose is to exchange information, facilitate communication and support the coordination of public health and environmental agencies. Network members will be able to return to their organizations and relay shared information to the communities they serve. The network is also designed to support the LaMP and Remedial Action Plan (RAP) process. Currently, the Network has representatives from six federal government agencies, five tribal government agencies, and eleven state and provincial government agencies, and one county government agency. Network membership continues to build.

For more information on the Network, e-mail fisher.jacqueline@epa.gov


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