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Lake Erie Lakewide Management Plan 2008

Working under the adaptive management concept, the Binational Executive Committee (BEC) recommended that a LaMP be produced for each lake by April 2000, with updates every two years thereafter. Consistent with the BEC resolution, the Lake Erie LaMP 2000 was presented in a loose-leaf format, with general tabbed sections, that could be inserted into a three-ring binder. This format allows the LaMP to be viewed as a working document, easily adding new material and removing outdated information as needed. However, the 2002 report was presented as a separate document. After some restructuring of the table of contents and binder tabs for 2004, the 2006 updates were simply incorporated into the binder. This 2008 report incorporates the updates since 2006.

Great Lakes Lakewide Management Plans (LaMPS)

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