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Eda Lam

R/V Lake Guardian: Scientific Workspaces and Equipment

Disclaimer: Mention of trade names or commercial products does not signify or constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.

Winches, Cranes, and "A" Frames

Rosette Winch InterOcean Model 10031 -7ELW; Electric; Maximum Pull – 1650 Lbs. (bare drum), 1300 lbs. (full drum)
Pumping Winch

SeaMac Model 107EMH; Maximum Pull – 300 lbs.

Ponar  Winch

InterOcean Model 1673-5ELW;  Electric; Maximum Pull – 500 lbs. (bare drum), 440 lbs. (full drum)

Rosette Winch InterOcean Model 10031 -7ELW; Electric; Maximum Pull – 1650 Lbs. (bare drum), 1300 lbs. (full drum)
Coring Winch InterOcean Model 10031-25ELW; Electric; Maximum Pull – 6000lbs (bare drum), 4000 lbs. (full drum)
Zooplankton/Seabird     InterOcean Model 1673-3ELW; Electric; Maximum Pull – 550 lbs. (bare drum), 450 lbs. (full drum)
Triaxus Winch   MacArtney, Max  Gross  Capacity 3500 lbs.
Crane - Main Deck HIAB 450 Sea crane (6,500 lbs. at 44’-11”, 22,600 lbs. at 14’-01”); on wire (5000 lbs.)
2 Starboard "A" Frames Hydraulic; Maximum Capacity 4,000 lbs.; Quantity 2
Stern "A" Frame  Hydraulic; Maximum Capacity 30,000 lbs.
Crane - Bridge Deck HIAB 80 Sea Crane; Hydraulic; Maximum Capacity 5,000 lbs.


Rescue boat Ambar Model  550 RIB; 2 Mercury 60HP 4 Stroke Outboards;  40 Gal Fuel Tank.
Work  Boat West Marine 310 RIB; Torqeedo Solar Electric

Communication Equipment

Marine VHF  Radio Sperry Model RT2047-D
Marine SSB HF Radio   Raytheon Model RAY-152
Broadband Satellite

SeaTel 6009 Ku Band Maritime VSAT Internet System

Navigation Equipment:

Radar 10 cm Furuno Model FR-2130S
Radar 3 cm Furuno Model FR-1510 MK2
DGPS Trimble NT200D
Fathometer Furuno Model FE-881 MK-II
Magnetic Compass          Ritchie 8”
CCTV Camera’s  Pelco Model 1280-P

Sperry Mk 27 MOD1


SeaFLIR II C (Fwd), Navigator (Aft)

Meteorological Sensors

Windspeed /direction Young 05106 Wind Monitor- MA (NMEA–0183 Output) Electric Speed Indicator Co. Model F420C-WS4ROWA (analog)
Solar Radiation LI-COR Silicon Pyranometer
Datalogger Chartview 2.50.068
Air Temp (Two Devices) 1) Young 41342VCIVF Platinum Temperature Probe (NMEA–0183 Output)
2)RMS Tech. Inc-NA83RAC00095
Sea Temp (4M Depth) Furuno – FCV – 292 (NMEA–0183 Output)
Barometer Chelsea Aneroid
Recording Barograph Belfort Instrument Co.
Barometric Pressure Young 61201 (NMEA–0183 Output)


Scientific Equipment

Auxillary Scientific Equipment

Walk-In Refrigerator       79ft2 for sample storage
Walk-In Freezer              45ft2 for sample storage

Deck Working Areas

Electrical Power   110/208 VAC  available at several deck locations
Hydraulic Power   take-offs (2,500 psi, 260 gal/min) available at several deck locations

Tie Downs 
Threaded stainless steel deck inserts spaced on a two-foot grid pattern; capable of receiving hex bolts, eye bolts and other threaded 1” fittings
Bulwarks  3-1/2ft high (minimum); removable aluminum bulwark sections located on port side aft and stern


Crew and Scientist Amenties

Accommodation 41 (crew 14, scientist 27); 16 cabins
Laboratory Office   

3 desks, laptops, local and wireless networks, Internet

Galley and mess

Lounge w/ Satellite TV, DVD, stereo, Exercise Facility, Laundry with washer and dryer

Internal Laboratories


348 ft2 – 2 Hamilton fume hood, canopy hood, DI water, vacuum, LAN drops, UPS, Fisher Scientific incubator, refrigerator, phone, eye wash, three HEPAs


208 ft2 - Hamilton fume hood, canopy hood, DI water, vacuum, LAN drops, UPS, refrigerator, freezer, phone, eyewash, incubator, HEPA


300 ft2 - Hamilton fume hood, DI, hot and cold water, vacuum, LAN drops, refrigerator, freezer, phone, eye wash, HEPA


External Laboratory (8 ft x 20 ft)
Primary Productivity/ Radioactivity Lab  110/208 VAC, DI water cold water, general waste and contaminated waste water lines, Hamilton fume hood

Sampling Platforms
18’ Horizontal Boom; 4’x8’ Scaffolding Frame about 10 ft from ship





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