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Contaminated Sediments Program

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photo: The Milwaukee River

The Milwaukee River

Delisting and Recovery

Delisting Information

One of the key interests to the Great Lakes community is the question of how and when to formally delist an Area Of Concern (AoC) as the implementation of all recommended actions for restoring beneficial uses are completed, and as the uses are restored and maintained. The critical test for any such process and associated guidelines is to insure that it is rigorous, scientifically defensible, and allows for full review and comment from interested and affected stakeholders. Acting on directions from the United States Policy Committee (USPC), GLNPO convened the U.S. Remedial Action Plan Workgroup (comprised of representatives from the eight Great Lakes states and other U.S. federal agencies, with observers from the Canadian federal and provincial agencies and the International Joint Commission [IJC]), in order to draft guidelines pertaining to the delisting of an AOC. Delisting Principles and Guidelines for Areas of Concern.

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