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Apps for the Environment

How EPA Will Use Your Input About Ideas for Apps

Thanks to those of you who provided personal opinions about which ideas you like best. Your opinion is important so software developers can see what ideas you want to have converted into apps. You can see more details about the ideas on the app ideas spreadsheet, such as the EPA data sources for each app. If you’re a developer you may want to check out the resources on Developer Central and Data Finder.

More information about the app ideas spreadsheet
Here are some other data fields on the app ideas spreadsheet. All of the columns can be sorted by clicking on the column header.

Topic: The ideas are organized according to environmental topic. These topics are included in the EPA Web Taxonomy.

EPA Data Availability:This shows the degree to which EPA has data for turning an idea into an app. Full means that EPA has a full set of data to make the app. Partial means that EPA has some data to make the app. None means that EPA has no data to make the app. Please tell us if you know of other information sources that could be used to convert these ideas into apps.

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