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Apps for the Environment

EPA’s Apps for the Environment challenge: Data Discovery Webinars

EPA hosted webinars focusing on different EPA datasets that could be used to create innovative apps for the Apps for the Environment challenge. Look at the list below for topics you want to know about. You can access any of our past webinars from this page.

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  • Title: Developers and federal agencies: Can we talk?
  • Date: August 11, 2011; 4-4:45PM EDT
  • Speakers: Alex Howard, Jeremy Carbaugh, Michaela Hackner, Kurt Voelker, Ethan McMahon
  • Webinar File (.wmv, 40MB) | Slideshow (.pptx, 5MB) | Transcript (.doc, 45KB)
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  • Title: EPA's Environmental Enforcement data
  • Date: August 10, 2011; 2-2:30PM EDT
  • Speaker: Carey Johnston
  • Webinar File (.wmv, 43MB) | Slideshow (.pptx, 1MB) | Transcript (.doc, 30KB)
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  • Title:EPA's Superfund, hazardous materials, and brownfields data
  • Date: August 3, 2011; 2-2:30PM EDT
  • Speakers: Lisa Jenkins, Joe Carioti
  • Webinar File (.wmv, 138MB) | Slideshow (.pptx, 8MB) | Transcript (.doc, 57KB)
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  • Title:EPA's Geospatial Developer Resources
  • Date: July 27, 2011; 2-2:30PM EDT
  • Speaker: David G. Smith
  • Webinar File (.wmv, 27MB) | Slideshow (.pptx, 6MB | Transcript (.doc, 50KB)
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  • Title: EPA's WATERS System & the STORET Water Monitoring Data Warehouse
  • Date: July 20, 2011; 2-2:30PM EDT
  • Speaker: Thomas Dabolt
  • Webinar File (.wmv, 102MB) | Slideshow (.ppsx, 4MB)
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  • Title: Air Quality System and AIRNow
  • Date: July 13, 2011; 2-2:30PM EDT
  • Speaker: John E. White
  • Webinar File (.wmv, 35MB) | Slideshow (.pptx, 5MB | Transcript (.doc, 22KB)
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  • Title: TRI and Design for the Environment
  • Date: July 6; 2-2:30PM EDT
  • Speakers: Elizabeth Sommer, Tim Antisdel
  • Webinar File (.wmv, 12MB) | Slideshow (.pptx, 789KB | Transcript (.doc, 41KB)
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  • Title: What is the EPA Apps for the Environment challenge?
  • Date: June 29; 2-2:30PM EDT
  • Speakers: Ethan McMahon, Caitlin Briere
  • Webinar File (.wmv, 38MB) | Slideshow (.pptx, 151KB | Transcript (.doc, 41KB)
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