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EO 13123 Energy Reduction and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Requirements

Signed in 1999, EO 13123, "Greening the Government Through Efficient Energy Management", established the following separate energy reduction requirements for energy intensive industrial and laboratory facilities and other, less energy intensive facilities:

Industrial and laboratory facilities (compared to a FY 1990 baseline):

Other federal facilities (compared to a FY 1985 baseline):

These energy reduction goals have been superseded by the more stringent requirements included in EPAct 2005 and EO 13423.

EO 13123 also required each federal agency to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions attributed to facility energy use by 30 percent by FY 2010 compared to FY 1990 baseline emissions. This requirement has been superseded by EO 13423.

Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct 1992) and Energy Reduction Requirements

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct 1992) required, among other things, that federal agencies reduce the energy intensity at all non-industrial facilities according to the following guidelines (compared to a FY 1985 baseline):

Energy intensive facilities such as EPA laboratories were exempt under EPAct 1992.

*Note: Since energy reductions are measured in terms of energy intensity (energy use per square foot of space), energy reduction requirements are relative. As a result, new facilities and additions of square footage of laboratory space do not theoretically affect EPA's progress in meeting energy use reduction goals.

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