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Boston, Massachusetts

Photo: Boston Regional Office

This facility features the following green attributes:
LEED Certified LEED-NC 2.2 Gold

green power Green Power


Region 1 Office

Total Facility Area: 328,862 rentable square feet (RSF) (EPA share)
Estimated Personnel: 840 EPA personnel
Energy Consumption: 17,253,472,700 Btu per year (EPA share)
Btu per RSF per year: 52,464
Water Consumption: 2,183,308 gallons per year (EPA share)
Gallons per RSF per Year: 6.6

All energy and water data are reported as of FY 2012.


EPA’s Region 1 Office serves Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and 10 Tribal Nations.

In December 2009, EPA Region 1 moved into this renovated structure. Built in 1933, the 23-story, approximately 700,000 square foot historic John W. McCormack Post Office and Courthouse (POCH) in downtown Boston is a beautiful example of Art Deco architecture. EPA Region 1 is the primary tenant in the building, occupying approximately 329,000 rentable square feet of space. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and EPA worked together on a major historic renovation that removed all mechanical and electrical components of the original building but reused an impressive 99 percent of the original structure.

The building achieved LEED®Exit EPA Disclaimer for new construction version 2.2 Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in June 2010.

Award WinnerAwards

Environmental Features

Green Roof

A view from the McCormack Building's green roof.

A view from the McCormack POCH's green roof.

An interior office in the McCormack Building.

An interior room in the McCormack POCH.

Energy Conservation

Green Power

Water Conservation


Waste Reduction and Recycling - Construction

Other Features

A hallway in the McCormack Building.

A hallway with preserved historical features in the McCormack POCH.

For More Information About This Facility

Website: www.epa.gov/region1/

For a document detailing the facility's environmental features with graphics and more photos, view the Sustainable Facilities at EPA: John W. McCormack Post Office and Courthouse (PDF) (4 pp, 830 KB) fact sheet.

Alice Kaufman (kaufman.alice@epa.gov)
5 Post Office Square, Suite 100
Mail code: OARM 01-6
Boston, MA 02109
Phone: (617) 918-1064

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