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Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo of Cincinnati Annex 2 under construction.

This facility features the following green attributes:
LEED 1.0 Gold LEED-NC 2.1/2.2 Gold

Meets Guiding Principles Meets Guiding Principles
green power Green Power
Native Landscaping Native Landscaping

Research Support Annex (Annex 2)

Total Facility Area: 42,750 gross square feet (GSF)
Estimated Personnel:
90 persons
Energy Consumption:
not available
Btu per GSF per Year:
not available
Water Consumption:
not available
Gallons per GSF per year:
not available

Annex 2 does not report separate data for energy and water use. They are reported as part of the overall reporting data from the Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center (AWBERC), to which Annex 2 is attached.


EPA's 42,750-GSF Annex 2, is attached to the Agency's Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center (AWBERC), located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The north wing of Annex 2 was completed and occupied in September 2007, and the west wing was completed and occupied in January 2008. Half of Annex 2 is being used as permanent office space for various agencies, and the other half is serving as temporary "swing space" during a major infrastructure replacement project (IRP) at AWBERC. The IRP is a multi-year, multi-phase, multi-million-dollar project that will replace all of the air handlers, vertical and horizontal supply ductwork, control systems, exhaust systems, and associated equipment at AWBERC. Eventually, Annex 2 will permanently house 70 EPA employees and will free up office space in AWBERC that can be converted to accommodate new laboratories.

The rooftop of the West Wing at Annex 2.

The rooftop of the West Wing at Annex 2.

Unique Environmental Features

Annex 2 received the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED®Exit EPA Disclaimer for new construction version 2.1/2.2 Gold level certification in December 2008. The LEED rating system is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings, which promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability. View the LEED scorecard for Annex 2 (PDF) (1 pp, 76K, About PDF). Annex 2 meets the Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings (Guiding Principles) due to its existing LEED certification.

Energy Conservation

Green Power

Water Conservation

Stormwater Management

Waste Reduction and Recycling - Construction

Low impact development courtyard in front of Annex 2.

Low impact development courtyard in front of Annex 2.

Waste Reduction and Recycling - Operations

Additional Features


View an archive of older environmental information about Annex 2.

For More Information About This Facility

For a more detailed summary of Annex 2's environmental features, including photos, view Sustainable Facilities at EPA: Research Support Annex 2, Cincinnati, Ohio (PDF) (4 pp, 690 KB).

Website: www.epa.gov/oarmcinc/index.htm

Rhonda Hampton (hampton.rhonda@epa.gov)
26 W. Martin Luther King Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45268
Phone: (513) 569-7270

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