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Denver, Colorado - Archive

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Region 8 Office

This page houses older environmental information about EPA's Region 8 Office in Denver, Colorado. View the current facility page for EPA's Region 8 Office.

Structuring the Acquisition to Maximize Results

EPA and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) worked together to develop a two-step design competition for EPA’s Region 8 Office so that the building would represent the best in design, work environment, environmental performance, and security while providing a good value for the taxpayers.

Step 1: The first phase of the competition, completed in spring 2004, consisted of evaluating numerous development teams, which included a real estate development firm, architecture/engineering firm, general contractor, commissioning agent, property management firm, and other specialty consultants. The teams were evaluated on their past performance, design and sustainable building experience, security expertise, financing capability, and other factors. The field was narrowed to five teams chosen to move on to the design phase of the competition.

Denver Regional Office schematic.

Denver Region 8 Office schematic.

Step 2: During the second phase of the competition, completed in summer 2004, the five teams developed, refined, and presented schematic designs. Teams provided building renderings, site plans, floor plans, mechanical system descriptions, energy use estimates, water conservation strategies, construction material inventories, construction period waste recycling plans, commissioning plans, indoor air quality measures, and other information on the sustainable attributes of the building. In addition, the teams were required to demonstrate how they would meet new Department of Homeland Security requirements. In August 2004 the Opus team—consisting of OPUS Northwest, LLC, developer and owner; Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects LLP, architects; Syska Hennessy, mechanical/electrical engineers; and Hinman Consulting, security—was awarded the contract.

Award Winner


Environmental Features

Energy Conservation

Incremental Energy Savings Pie Chart

Pie Chart showing Denver's incremental energy savings. Chart is accurate as of December 2006.

Green Power

Stormwater Management

Waste Reduction and Recycling - Construction

For More Information About This Facility

Following are summaries of the environmental provisions included in the solicitations for offers (SFOs) for the Region 8 office building:

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