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Duluth, Minnesota

photo:  Mid-Continent Ecology Division Laboratory

This facility features the following green attributes:
green power Green Power
water management plan Water Management Plan
Native Landscaping Native Landscaping

Mid-Continent Ecology Division Laboratory

Total Facility Area: 88,577 gross square feet (GSF)
Estimated Personnel: 145 persons

FY 2003 Energy Consumption*: 34,669,991,964 Btu per year
FY 2003 Btu per GSF per Year: 391,411
FY 2012 Energy Consumption: 28,019,300,800 Btu per year
FY 2012 Btu per GSF per Year:
316,327; 19.2 percent reduction from the baseline

FY 2007 Total Water Consumption**: 964,239 gallons per year
FY 2007 Gallons per GSF per Year: 10.9
FY 2012 Total Water Consumption: 523,636 gallons per year
FY 2012 Gallons per GSF per Year:
5.9; 45.7 percent reduction from the baseline

All energy and water data are reported as of FY 2012.
*FY 2003 is the standard baseline year used by the federal government to measure energy conservation progress.
**FY 2007 is the standard baseline year used by the federal government to measure water conservation progress.


The Mid-continent Ecology Division (MED) Laboratory is a research facility within the Office of Research and Development (ORD). It conducts research to determine the ecological effects of water pollutants on fish, wildlife, and ecosystems. MED also operates the Large Lakes and Rivers Research Station in Grosse Ile, Michigan.

Duluth was selected for the site of the MED research facility because of the need for water from Lake Superior to conduct its research. The unchanging quality of the water over the past 30 years is essential to the credibility of the ecotoxicology research performed. Currently, the facility uses more than 99 million gallons of Lake Superior water annually for research and cooling.

Unique Environmental Features

Energy Conservation

Green Power

Water Conservation

Stormwater Management


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For More Information About This Facility

Website: www.epa.gov/med

6201 Congdon Boulevard
Duluth, MN 55804
Phone: (218) 529-5000
Fax: (218) 720-5703

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