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Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Picture of Region 2 CEPD Office entrance.

This facility features the following green attributes:
Leed 2.0 Silver certified LEED-CI 2009 Gold
green power Green Power

Region 2 Caribbean Environmental Protection Division

Total Facility Area: 22,291 rentable square feet (RSF) (EPA share)
Estimated Personnel: 62 EPA personnel
Energy Consumption: not available
Btu per RSF per year: not available
Water Consumption: not available
Gallons per RSF per Year: not available


In February 2012, EPA Region 2's Caribbean Environmental Protection Division (CEPD) moved into the top floor of City View Plaza, a recently built multi-tenant office building in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. This location was specifically selected to showcase green building strategies and demonstrate how local citizens could incorporate sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental performance into their daily lives.

The building achieved LEED®Exit EPA Disclaimer for commercial interiors version 2009 Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in October 2012. The CEPD office space is the first LEED-CI project in Puerto Rico to attain Gold certification.

Environmental Features

Energy Conservation

Daylighting in Region 2 CEPD cubicles.

Daylighting in Region 2 CEPD cubicles.


Green Power

Water Conservation


Waste Reduction and Recycling - Construction

Other Features

For More Information About This Facility

Website: www.epa.gov/region2/

For more details about the facility's environmental features, view the Greening the Caribbean: EPA's Region 2 Puerto Rico Office (PDF) (2 pp, 1.7MB, About PDF) green report. A Spanish version of this document is also available: Reverdeciendo el Caribe: Oficina de Puerto Rico, EPA Región 2 (PDF) (2 pp, 1.4MB, About PDF).

Jennifer B. Thatcher (thatcher.jennifer@epa.gov)
EPA Region 2
290 Broadway, 26th floor
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 637-3593

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