Greening EPA: Sustainable Design of EPA's Campus in Research Triangle Park, NC

When EPA-RTP began to develop our campus, we realized the need to specify environmental performance in the construction documents to a degree that did not exist in conventional practice at the time. Detailed environmental requirements were written into most technical specification sections in the construction contract for the new EPA Facility. These requirements were summarized in several unique Division 01 construction contract specification sections. 

We also incorporated these specifications into our National Computer Center (NCC) and our First Environments Early Learning Center (FEELC) - Child Care Center, design-build facility development projects. Through these efforts, we were able to obtain a LEED Silver rating at the NCC and we are pursuing a LEED Gold rating at the FEELC.

As we realized that our ten-year old environmental specifications had become outdated as green development evolved, we undertook a comprehensive update of these specifications to reflect the state-of-the-art in accepted practices and adopted policies to continue to achieve the most environmentally responsible work possible. Guidance documents resulted from a culmination of these efforts.

Guidance Documents