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EPA's Blanket Green Power Contracts

For the first several years of its green power program, EPA procured renewable energy for its facilities through a patchwork of smaller contracts for individual facilities. With the growth of EPA’s green power purchases, beginning in September 2006, EPA transitioned its procurement strategy to the use of large contracts for renewable energy certificates (RECs) to help offset 100 percent of Agencywide estimated electricity use at its 175 facilities across the country, augmented by a few individual green power or REC contracts. The term "blanket" is used to describe these contracts because a single contract covers many facilities, unlike previous contracts which covered only a single facility. Blanket contracts reduce EPA’s associated administrative costs and help EPA obtain RECs at lower costs through higher volume purchases. Learn about EPA's current blanket contract below, or read about EPA's past blanket contracts.

Current Blanket Green Power Contracts

In August 2011, EPA signed three contracts for a total of 265 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of RECs from Element MarketsExit EPA Disclaimer, 3Degrees GroupExit EPA Disclaimer, and Orion Renewable Energy Trading GroupExit EPA Disclaimer. Procured through Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) EnergyExit EPA Disclaimer, these three contracts support renewable energy generation from wind, landfill gas, and biomass resources. Combined with five additional contracts for delivered green power and RECs, these contracts ensure that EPA continues offsetting 100 percent of Agencywide estimated electricity use through September 30, 2012.

These blanket contracts offset all of the estimated electricity consumption at the following EPA facilities through the end of fiscal year (FY) 2012 (as well as more than 100 smaller facilities):

These blanket contracts offset a portion of the electricity consumption at the following EPA facilities in FY 2012, each of which also has one or more additional contracts in place for green power or RECs:

EPA has used blanket green power contracts for several years. Learn about EPA's past blanket green power contracts.

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