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EPA's Electricity Consumption Offset by Green Power

This chart illustrates the quantity of EPA’s Agencywide annual conventional electricity consumption (in total megawatt hours [MWh] per fiscal year) offset by green power purchases since fiscal year (FY) 2000. The chart provides the following totals:

1,898 MWh in FY 2000.

7,406 MWh in FY 2001.

24,764 MWh in FY 2002.

32,006 MWh in FY 2003.

122,399 MWh in FY 2004.

225,341 MWh in FY 2005.

256,870 MWh in FY 2006.

268,598 MWh in FY 2007.

258,964 MWh in FY 2008.

257,399 MWh in FY 2009.

264,060 MWh in FY 2010.


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