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EPA publishes various kinds of documents to document and facilitate its efforts to meet and exceed federal sustainability requirements and reduce the Agency's environmental footprint:


EPA's FY 2014 Energy Management and Conservation Report Cover

EPA's Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Energy Management and Conservation Program Report (PDF) (42 pp, 3.8MB)
In FY 2014, EPA reduced its Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 59.5 percent and its Scope 3 GHG emissions by 45.8 percent compared to its FY 2008 baselines, reduced its energy intensity by 29.0 percent compared to its FY 2003 baseline, and reduced its water intensity by 40.4 percent compared to its FY 2007 baseline. EPA also exceeded its goals and demonstrated environmental leadership in green buildings, climate change resiliency, waste diversion, green power, and stormwater management. Read this report to learn about the Agency's sustainability accomplishments in FY 2014.

The Energy Management and Conservation Program Report gives federal agencies the opportunity to report on their efforts to reduce energy use at the facilities where they pay utility bills. These annual reports meet EPA's reporting requirement for Executive Order (EO) 13423 and previous executive order reporting requirements.

The cover of EPA's 2011 Performance Highlights ReportProtecting Our Employees and the Environment: 2011 Accomplishments (PDF) (40 pp, 4.4MB)
These reports describe EPA's progress in reducing its environmental footprint by better managing energy and water use, emissions, fuels, chemicals, and waste, while focusing on safety, health, wellness, and environmental management systems.

EPA's FY 2014 Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Report (PDF) (13 pp, 413K)
This report provides information on how EPA is greening its fleet with AFV acquisitions.

Strategic Plans

Strategic plans help EPA meet federal requirements and sustainability goals.The cover for EPA's 2014 Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan.

EPA's 2014 Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP) Update (PDF) (96 pp, 1.4MB) and Climate Change Adaptation Plans (PDF) (811 pp, 12.7MB)
EPA's SSPP is a comprehensive, multi-year planning document that identifies targets for reducing Agencywide GHG emissions by FY 2020 and outlines steps the Agency will take to achieve those reductions. Through this report, EPA not only describes how it meets the federal requirements of EO 13514, but also reiterates its plans to reduce energy, water, waste, and other resource use, and to incorporate sustainable design and operations across its facilities. The report details key priorities for the Agency:

EPA's SSPP is also available on the sustainability section of the performance.govExit EPA Disclaimer website.

Past Strategic Plans

U.S. EPA Policy Statement on Climate-Change Adaptation (PDF) (3 pp, 55K)
As required by the Federal Agency Climate Change Adaptation Planning Implementing Instructions (PDF) (5 pp, 62K), EPA has released a statement that commits the agency to addressing the impacts climate change may have on its operations and assets through adaptation planning. Learn more about the Climate Change Adaptation Task Force.

Cover of EPA's E2PLAN Strategic PlanEnergy and Environmental Performance, Leadership, Accountability, and Neutrality (E2PLAN) Strategy for Sustainability (PDF) (45 pp, 6.1MB)
E2PLAN is EPA’s plan for achieving energy and environmental performance, leadership, accountability, and carbon neutrality. It addresses the federal sustainability targets EPA must achieve, highlights places EPA thinks it can exceed those objectives, and suggests long-term goals for the future in six areas: energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable buildings, renewable energy, transportation, and environmental management systems.

Sustainability and Energy Scorecards

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) uses a scorecard process to measure the federal government's Image of EPA's FY 2013 OMB Sustainability and Energy Scorecardsustainability performance. In FY 2013, EPA continued to meet or exceed all federal goals included on the scorecard, which assesses progress made on energy and water intensity reductions, cutting GHG emissions, improving green building practices, lowering fleet petroleum use, and using renewable energy.

Water Management Plans

Water management plans (WMPs) help individual facilities set long- and short-term water conservation goals. View completed WMPs for EPA's facilities.

Fact Sheets

Greening the Caribbean: EPA's Region 2 Puerto Rico Office (PDF) (2 pp, 1.7MB).
EPA's Caribbean Environmental Protection Division in Puerto Rico has earned LEED®Exit EPA Disclaimer for Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI) Gold certification. A Spanish version of this document is also available: Reverdeciendo el Caribe: Oficina de Puerto Rico, EPA Región 2 (PDF) (2 pp, 1.4MB).

Sustainable Facilities at EPA: John W. McCormack Post Office and Courthouse, Boston, Massachusetts (PDF) (4 pp, 830K).
Learn about the environmental features of the building in which EPA's Region 1 Office is located, which underwent an historical renovation that was completed in FY 2009.

Sustainable Facilities at EPA: Computational and Geospatial Sciences Building, Gulf Breeze, Florida (PDF) (4 pp, 1.3MB).
Read about the environmental features of this LEED for New Construction (LEED-NC) Silver certified building.

Sustainable Facilities at EPA: Research Support Annex 2, Cincinnati, Ohio (PDF) (4 pp, 690K).
Learn about this LEED Gold certified addition to EPA's Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center.

Sustainable Facilities at EPA: One and Two Potomac Yard, Arlington, Virginia (PDF) (4 pp, 7.6MB).
Learn about the environmental features of EPA's LEED-NC Gold certified Headquarters office building.

Sustainable Facilities at EPA: Science and Technology Center, Kansas City, Kansas (PDF) (4 pp, 2.8MB).
Learn more about this renovated, state-of-the-art sustainable EPA laboratory.

Green Power: Tags vs. Delivered Product (PDF) (3 pp, 233K)
EPA purchases green power as either delivered product or in the form of "green tags." Learn more about the difference between the two.


EPA's Green Future for Laboratories cover

EPA's Green Future for Laboratories: A Case Study of the Kansas City Science and Technology Center (PDF) (20 pp, 3.7MB)
An overview of the environmental features of this LEED Version 2.0 Gold certified building.

Green Power Brochure cover

Green Power Brochure (PDF) (16 pp, 437K)
This EPA brochure highlights the Agency's green power purchases.

Richmond brochure cover.

Cogeneration at Work, Region 9 Laboratory, Richmond, California (PDF) (2 pp, 576K)
Learn how EPA is leading by example in reducing the energy demand of its Region 9 Laboratory.


Facilities Manual

Learn about and download the EPA Facilities Manual, which is used to determine design intent, requirements, and the ongoing evaluation of all EPA facilities. Read EPA's Commissioning Guidelines (PDF) (33 pp, 550K), updated in January 2009.

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