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Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan
EPA Facilities
EPA Regional and Program Laboratories and Facilities

Ada, Oklahoma
  •  Archived facility information
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Athens, GA
- Science and Ecosystem Support Division
  •  Archived facility information
- National Exposure Research Laboratory

Chelmsford, Massachusetts
  •  Archived facility information
Chicago, Illinois

Cincinnati, Ohio
- Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center (AWBERC)
  •  Archived facility information
- Environmental Management System (EMS)
- Laboratory Annex 2
  •  Archived facility information
- Center Hill Facility
  •  Archived facility information
- National Service Center for Environmental Publications Warehouse
- Testing & Evaluation Center
  •  Archived facility information

Corvallis, Oregon
  •  Solar Roof Project
  •  Sustainable Master Planning
Denver, Colorado
Duluth, Minnesota
  •  Archived facility information
Edison, New Jersey
  •  Archived facility information
Fort Meade, Maryland
Golden, Colorado
  •  Archived facility information
Grosse Ile, Michigan
Gulf Breeze, Florida
  •  Archived facility information
Houston, Texas
  •  Archived facility information
Kansas City, Kansas - Region 7 Laboratory
  •  Archived facility information
Las Vegas, Nevada
Manchester, Washington
  •  Archived facility information
Montgomery, Alabama
Narragansett, Rhode Island
  •  Sustainable Master Planning Along Narragansett Bay
  •  Archived facility information
Newport, Oregon

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
- Chapel Hill
  •  Archived facility information
- First Environments Early Learning Center
  •  Archived facility information
- Main Building
  •  Archived facility information
- National Computer Center
  •  Archived facility information

Richmond, California
  •  Mechanical Upgrades
  •  Archived facility information

EPA Regional and National Offices

Boston, Massachussetts - Region 1 Headquarters
New York, New York - Region 2 Headquarters
  •  Archived facility information
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Region 3 Headquarters
  •  Archived facility information
Atlanta, Georgia - Region 4 Headquarters
  •  Atlanta Regional Office Receives ENERGY STAR Label
  •  Archived facility information
Chicago, Illinois - Region 5 Headquarters

  •  Archived facility information
Dallas, Texas - Region 6 Headquarters
Lenexa, Kansas - Region 7 Headquarters
  •  Archived information about previous Region 7 Headquarters in Kansas City, Kansas
Denver, Colorado - Region 8 Headquarters
  •  Archived facility information
San Francisco, California - Region 9 Headquarters
  •  Archived facility information
Seattle, Washington - Region 10 Headquarters
  •  Archived facility information
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico - Region 2 Caribbean Environmental Protection Division

EPA Headquarters
- Washington, DC - Federal Triangle
  •  William Jefferson Clinton Building North and South ENERGY STAR Label
  •  Archived facility information
- Washington, DC - 1310 L Street
  •  Archived facility information
- Arlington, Virginia - Potomac Yard
  •  Archived facility information
- Other Headquarter Facilities
  •  Archived facility information

Energy Conservation

Federal Requirements
Goals and Strategies
Annual Report
Green Power
Onsite Renewable Technologies
Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs)
Sustainability Champions

Green Power

Green Power Basics
Federal Renewable Energy and Green Power Requirements
Why Buy Green Power?
EPA's Green Power Purchases & Results
Programs, Partnerships & Awards
Useful Links

Green Buildings

Green Buildings Vision and Policy Statement
Federal Green Buildings Requirements
Federal Sustainable Buildings Memorandum of Understanding
Best Practices (Environmental) Lease Provisions
Existing Buildings and the Guiding Principles

GHG Emission Reductions

Federal Greenhouse Gas Requirements
Federal Greenhouse Gas Requirements Archive
EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals and Strategies
EPA's Actions to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
EPA's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Results
EPA's Pre-EO 13514 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
More Information on Greenhouse Gases

Water Conservation

Federal Water Conservation Requirements
Laboratory Water Use vs. Office Water Use
EPA's Strategies to Meet Its Federal Requirements
Developing a Water Management Plan
EPA's Water Management Plans
More Information on Water Conservation
Previous Requirements

Stormwater Management

Federal Stormwater Management Requirements
Stormwater Management Goals and Strategies
EPA's Stormwater Management Actions
Stormwater Management Best Practices
EPA's Stormwater Management Results
More Information on Stormwater Management
EPA Headquarters Low Impact Development Program
Stormwater Management Techniques in use at EPA Headquarters
Stormwater Management at the Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center

Waste Diversion

Federal Waste Diversion Requirements
Previous Federal Waste Diversion and Recycling Requirements
EPA's Waste Diversion Goals and Strategies
EPA's Waste Diversion Activities
Best Practices at EPA's Laboratories
Best Practices at EPA's Offices
Waste Diversion Results
More Information on Waste Diversion

Greening EPA's Fleet

Legislative Requirements

More Green Practices

EPA's Executive Order (EO) 13514 Goals
EPA's Executive Order (EO) 13423 Goals

Green Printing and Copying

Green Office Supplies
Green Meetings
Green Electronics
Green Landscaping
Green Janitorial Services
EPA's Office of Pollution Prevention

Environmental Management Systems

Sustainability Champions

2009 Winners
2008 Winners
2007 Winners
2006 Winners

2005 Winners
2004 Winners
2003 Winners
2002 Winners

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Strategic Plans
Water Management Plans
Fact Sheets
Facilities Manual

Related Links

Green Building Resources
Green Power Resources
Renewable Technology Resources
Energy Savings Performance Contracts Resources
Water Conservation and Stormwater Management Resources
Additional EPA Resources
Other Government Resources
Non-Government Resources


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