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EPA's Stormwater Management Actions

In This Section
EPA has taken a number of actions to practice sustainable stormwater management and use low impact development (LID) techniques and wet weather green infrastructure. The following actions are helping the Agency meet its federal stormwater management requirements and achieve its stormwater management goals:

Stormwater Management Projects for New Construction

Stormwater Management Retrofit Projects

Best Practices and Techniques

EPA has developed a list of best practices to guide its stormwater management projects. EPA has also provided training on the use of LID and wet weather green infrastructure in stormwater management for facility managers and headquarters facilities staff.

Adopting EISA Section 438 Guidance

In 2010, EPA adopted the Technical Guidance on Implementing the Stormwater Runoff Requirements for Federal Projects under Section 438 of the Energy Independence and Security Act (PDF) (63 pp, 2.5MB) for all its new construction and renovation projects and incorporated the requirements into its green building processes and documents, including the Architecture and Engineering (A/E) Guidelines, Best Practice (Environmental) Lease Provisions, and GreenCheck.

EPA has revised its Best Practice (Environmental) Lease Provisions to improve the section on stormwater management, including the EISA requirement to restore predevelopment hydrology for site disturbances over 5,000 square feet and reference the Technical Guidance.

EPA has also revised the A/E Guidelines within the Agency’s Facilities Manual to improve the section on stormwater management. This section guides facility engineers on topics such as street drainage, watershed development, erosion and sedimentation control, stormwater retention and detention, roof recovery and cisterns, distributed stormwater management techniques, minimization of impervious areas, and other LID implementation methods.

Inventorying Existing Stormwater Practices

Because EPA strives to reduce stormwater impacts and install retrofits wherever opportunities exist, the Agency is currently compiling technical data on its inventory of stormwater management practices at its facilities. This inventory will help quantify the benefits of existing stormwater practices and identify cost-effective opportunities for future green intrastructure retrofits and contribute to EPA meeting the requirements of Executive Order (EO) 13514, which require 15 percent of the Agency's existing building inventory meet the Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings by FY 2015.

Long-Term Plans

EPA is developing long-term retrofit plans to address stormwater management at the following facilities:

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