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EPA Headquarters Low Impact Development Demonstration Projects – Constitution Avenue Entrances

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Aerial photo of Constitution Avenue. Click for larger image.
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Location: Constitution Avenue, NW, between 12th and 14th Streets, in Washington, DC.

Address: EPA Headquarters, 1200 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20004 Exit EPA Disclaimer



Photo of Constitution Avenue entrance to EPA.                Photo of a high density plastic grid.

Constitution Avenue Entrance             High Density Plastic Grid

Thumbnail sketch of Constitution Avenue bioretention cells. Click for larger image.
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Constitution Avenue is a highly visible public area along Washington, DC's National Mall. This project is educational as both a self-guided and instructor-led demonstration area that shows how disconnection, storage, evaporation, and high-efficiency mechanical systems can be used to modify runoff processes and how sustainable plantings combined with high-efficiency irrigation systems can be used on a large scale. Educational signage and materials were installed at the site for self-guided tours.

Signage at Constitution Avenue Entrance
Signage along Constitution Avenue


The low impact development (LID) demonstration project at Constitution Avenue is designed to demonstrate how LID strategies can be used in urban areas to manage stormwater in response to the Chesapeake Executive Council Directive No. 01-1: Managing Stormwater on State, Federal and District-Owned Lands and Facilities. The design incorporates a combination of conservation practices, strategic site design, pollution prevention, and distributed small-scale source control management practices that reduce the stormwater that would otherwise have been discharged into the city’s combined sewer system. The project was completed in April 2005.

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