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EPA's Stormwater Management Results

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EPA has begun to make significant progress in increasing Agency stormwater management efforts and implementing sustainable stormwater management, low impact development (LID) practices, and wet weather green infrastructure throughout its facilities. These efforts have resulted in both environmental and economic benefits:

Environmental Benefits

Economic and Land Value Benefits

As EPA continues to pursue sustainable stormwater management, LID, and wet weather green infrastructure opportunities, the Agency is investigating methods of quantifying the benefits of these opportunities. For example, EPA is working to inventory existing stormwater management practices at its facilities, which will allow it to quantify the potential environmental benefits of completed projects.

Award Winner


As a result of its stormwater management and LID projects at Headquarters, EPA has received the following awards:

In addition, LID and sustainable stormwater management have contributed to several EPA facilities achieving the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC's) LEED®Exit EPA Disclaimer certification both for existing buildings and new construction at the following facilities:

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