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Waste Diversion Results

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EPA’s waste diversion program has helped the Agency significantly reduce the amount of material that enters the waste stream. In response to Executive Order (EO) 13423, EPA set a waste diversion goal of 45 percent by 2010. EPA met this goal in fiscal year (FY) 2008 with an estimated waste diversion rate of 47 percent, and increased this rate to an estimated 51 percent in FY 2009, based on data available from facilities.

EPA’s Strive for 45 campaign helped the Agency to meet its waste diversion goals by providing facility managers at laboratories and offices throughout the Agency with technical assistance, challenge programs, resources, and outreach materials to help improve recycling and other waste diversion programs. During the Strive for 45 Recycling Rally, a six-month waste reduction competition, many EPA facilities made improvements to their waste reduction programs. In FY 2010, EPA began Think Beyond the Bin, a campaign to exceed the 50 percent waste diversion rate required under EO 13514 by expanding waste diversion efforts beyond traditional recycling practices.

EPA's waste diversion rate

Through several strategies, EPA aims to achieve a 55 percent waste diversion rate by FY 2015.  

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