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Natural Disaster Action Plan

Natural Disasters

Tornado ripping through a field

Building a Disaster Resistant Community

The information discussed on this page has been retrieved from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Project Impact.Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

"Each day, natural disasters destroy our communities and affect the lives of our families, neighbors and friends. While we can't stop natural hazards, we can change the way America deals with disasters. Reducing the effects of natural disasters makes economic sense, and it is good public policy because it protects our citizens and our future. The collaboration, preparation and prevention found in Project Impact should be the way in which our nation, our states and our communities conduct their day-to-day business."
James L. Witt, Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Goals and Objectives


Project Impact: Building a Disaster Resistant Community is an initiative that challenges the nation to undertake actions that protect families, businesses and communities by reducing the effects of natural disasters.


Recommendations for Action Planning

Business People
Civic and Volunteers Organizations
Government Officials

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