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King & Queen County, Va.

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King and Queen County, Virginia
Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers Association
Billy Mills, Executive Director

The History and Landscape
(excerpted from, "Tidewater Low County Almanac" by Sally Hicks Mills)

"Looking at an area map, you'll see the most dominant physical feature is a far-reaching network of rivers, streams, creeks and marshes. The extent of land surface either permanently or periodically inundated with water is so extraordinary, in fact, that it's a wonder anyone without webbed feet has been able to muck out a living here. This water network more than any other physical feature, has shaped the area's cultural history."

Today and Tomorrow: Building a Sustainable Future

The Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers Association (MPRA) has actively worked with a variety of stakeholders to encourage conservation of the region's waterways, promote sustainable land use and to ensure that local values are considered in decisions affecting the environmental, economic and social fabric of communities.

Collaborating with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, the National Association of counties and the Environmental Protection Agency, MPRA has successfully implemented a variety of actions to engage disenfranchised community members in a water/county-wide planning process. the King and Queen Community Landscape Assessment Project took advantage of several tools, including a Community Profiling process which identifies community assets (environmental, economic and social). cultural and historical influences and values. Also, a preferences survey was distributed to county residents to evaluate those issues and places that are highly regarded by citizens. Volunteers photographed community landscapes portraying the valuable environmental and cultural resources of the County. MPRA utilized GIS Technology to map and characterize current land use, important natural and cultural resources, and other critical information that illustrates the uniqueness of King and Queen county.

As a demonstration Green Community sponsor, MPRA will continue its work to produce a "build-out" analysis of potential land use changes along the river corridors. This GIS-based analysis will serve as a jumping off point to design and implement action plans that will encourage sustainable use, improved water quality and the active participation of local stakeholders.

Mr. Billy Mills, Executive Director
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