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Pollution Prevention and Recycling Action Plan - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

The Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA)

RCRA: Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (Federal - 1976)
HSWA: Hazardous & Solid Waste Act Amendments (Federal - 1984) expanded the scope of RCRA.

The goals of RCRA are to:

There are 3 programs under RCRA:

  1. Subtitle C (hazardous waste) established a program to handle hazardous wastes from cradle to grave in a manner that protects human health and the environment.

  2. Subtitle D (solid waste) established national criteria for state solid waste management plan development and environmentally-sound solid waste landfills. It provides for technical assistance and financial support to state and local governments and non-profits to implement the principles of integrated solid waste management, including recycling and source reduction.

  3. Subtitle I (underground storage tanks) regulates petroleum products and hazardous substances stored in tanks underground to prevent leakage from the tanks which could pollute the environment, especially ground water.

RCRIS: the Resource Conservation and Recovery Information System is a national program management and inventory system of RCRA hazardous waste handlers.

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