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Where Do We Want To Be? - How To Get Started

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Step Three
Vision Statement

Things To Consider

1. Get people involved from all walks of life

2. Continue to ask questions such as:

3. Develop a visioning process which suits your community needs

4. Decide on the number of alternative futures to create

5. Ask local artists/architects to create visual representations of the alternative futures.


Keys For Success

  1. Broad Stakeholder Involvement
  2. Positive Thinking
  3. Strong Visual Descriptions
  4. Brainstorm Ideas
  5. Consider a Long Timeframe
  6. Include Benchmarks or Indicators to Monitor Progress
  7. Make use of graphics, artists' renderings, computer simulations, etc.
  8. Involve school children, teenagers and senior citizens
Horse & Carriage City Tour

Many issues may spark the question "Where Do We Want to Be?". Keep in mind that regardless of the spark or initial catalyst, the community should be prepared to look back at Where Are We Now? and Where Are We Going? to help frame this phase of the community planning process.

Issues That Spark the Visioning Process

Traffic congestion and transportation issues

Tax Concerns

Water Supply/Water Resources

Community Assessment/Profile

Loss of Sensitive Land and Open Space

Human Health

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