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How Do We Get There? - How To Get Started

Where Are We Now? | Where Are We Going? | Where Do We Want to Be? | How Do We Get There? | Let's Go!

Step Four
Sustainable Action Plans

Watershed Top Ten
"Hint" List


10. Think Small (watershed size).

9. Bring everyone to the table.

8. Great leaders plant seeds and nurture them.

7. Ask for free advice and in-kind services.

6. Encourage teaching.

5. Seek common interests, not positions.

4. Celebrate your successes.

3. Ask not "do you like it?" but ask "can you live with it?"

2. Conflict can be healthy-if managed positively.

1. Patience, Patience, Patience

(from Conservation Technology Information Center)

Natural path through woods

After the vision statements are completed, the next step is the development of action plans that can then be developed to translate the visions into short-term and long-term actions. Let's review the process for developing action plans.

Getting Started

Action Planning Checklist

An Action Planning Checklist can assist in getting the action planning process off the ground. The Action Planning Checklist identifies specific actions that should be considered for each action plan.

Click here for more information on Action Planning:

The Community Visioning and Strategic Planning Handbook Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
National Civil League
Alliance for National Renewal
1445 Market Street, Suite 300
Denver, Colorado 80202
(800) 223-6004

or contact:

Community Energy Workbook, A Guide to Building a Sustainable Economy
Rocky Mountain Institute
1739 Snowmass Creek Road
Snowmass, Colorado 81654
(970) 927-3851

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