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How Do We Get There? - Tools

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Step Four
Sustainable Action Plans
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Action Plan Design: Goals and Objectives - Recommendations - Indicators and Linkages

There are a number of tools available for the "How Do We Get There" step in the Green Communities process. Action Plans are the key to bridging the gap between the vision and implementation. Each Action Plan aims to make the Community Vision a reality.

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The Action Plans we have designed here provide ideas and guidance to communities. Each action plan includes topics which may relate to your own community issues. Use them as examples and modify these plans to better respond to your community's vision. However, each action plan should include the components of: goals and objectives; and recommendations for action planning. We've included a set of indicators and linkages for each of our example Action Plans. And, again, community involvement is crucial. Some tips for encouraging community participation are suggested.

You are well on your way to realizing your Vision! Click on the following topic areas for examples and ideas on planning for your sustainable future.

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