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Step Five
Bicycle Race

The tools we have selected for your review and use are easily accessible, reasonably straight- forward in application and offer the greatest utility for the time invested in learning them. Many of the tools are oriented toward information access and management such as "how-to" information on monitoring, databases and hot-line information numbers. Some tools are more directly "action-oriented" such as the Pollution Prevention Guides. Regardless, it is important to remember that time resources - advocacy, program staff, political and public support are prerequisites for success. Technical tools absent a viable vehicle for implementation are of little use. Committed people and opportunity are necessary. Community involvement continues to be an important and integral part during the implementation phase.

And, although we have separated out the tools by issues, we would encourage an integrated approach to problem-solving as much as possible. For example, ecological management and pollution prevention tools are the most interdisciplinary of tools offered. Efforts to protect or restore the integrity and functions of an ecosystem or watershed will require that stressors be identified, impacts mitigated and performance measured by actual environmental results: ecosystem management is a comprehensive and multimedia tool.

Pollution Prevention (P2) also represents an integrated approach to problem solving. Depending on the issue of concern, P2 can produce some of the most effective results. Pollution Prevention tools are specific to pollution sources and are intended to reduce or eliminate the pollution source at the site before it can become an environmental or health problem.

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Below we have listed the Action Plans, by way of example, that we developed in How Do We Get There? Under each Action Plan there are several key issues to get you started. Click on the Action Plans which interest you and find out about policy, regulatory, technical, financial and other tools which will assist you in achieving the sustainable future that your community wants.

Community Involvement provides tips and recommendations for engaging local leadership, businesses, public institutions and community members in support of implementation activities.

Implementation Tools provide readily accessible information and techniques to achieve your community's goals. They are listed by Action Plan and topic areas.

Environmental Stewardship Action Plan

Land Use Action Plan

Community Heritage Action Plan

Civic Participation Action Plan

Pollution Prevention and Recycling Action Plan

Transportation Action Plan

Public Facilities Action Plan

Energy Conservation Action Plan

Environmental Health Action Plan

Human Health Action Plan

Natural Disaster Action Plan


Financial Tools Click here for Financial tools and alternative approaches for funding Green Communities' activities.

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