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Socio-Economic Tools - Solid Waste

"One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Municipal Solid Waste Generation Projections

Huge pile of garbageIf you wish to evaluate the remaining capacity of your landfill or want to evaluate your waste incinerator's ability to handle expected increases in population, you will need to calculate solid waste generation rates and project them into the future.

The first tip for anyone attempting to prepare municipal solid waste generation numbers would be to seek available municipal generation statistics from local, county, or state sources. Many counties and local municipalities have recently prepared municipal solid waste management plans which project future waste flows. These projections have usually been carefully developed and scrutinized and tailored to local waste generation practices.

If you still wish to develop your own generation numbers or if they are not available in your community, the following information will help. - Municipal Solid Waste in the United States

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