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Green Power Partnership

Partner Profile

1010 Massachusetts Ave. Condo Unit Owners Association
Location Washington, DC
Organization Type Real Estate
Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) 1,247,600
Percentage Green Power 100%
Purchasing Third-Party Certified Green Power Product? Yes
Organization-wide Partner Yes
Partner's Reporting Period N/A
Latest Annual Report Received On 5/13/2014
Partner Profile
Ten Ten Mass is one of the premiere condominium buidings in downtown Washington, DC. By joining the EPA Green Power Partnership, the building is expanding its premium living experience to include environmental sustainability. The building is getting a portion of its energy needs through renewable energy sources. This renewable energy use is allowing the buidling to also save money. Consequently, this led the Board of Directors to look for other green projects in the building to cut costs. They upgraded more than 400 lightbulbs in the building to more efficient LED and fluorescent varieties and are saving a few thousand dollars a year while reducing electricity usage. "Switching to green power at 1010 Mass has proven a cost effective way for our community to invest in ourselves and our community. Not only are we realizing cost savings and helping the environment, but prospective buyers are taking notice of our building's green attributes," said Greg Taylor, 1010 Mass's Vice President.

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