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Green Power Partnership

Partner Profile

Dawson's Market
Location Rockville, MD
Organization Type Retail
Percentage Green Power 100.0%
Purchasing Third-Party Certified Green Power Product? Yes
Organization-wide Purchase Yes
Partner Profile
Dawson’s Market is an independently owned grocer in the heart of Rockville, Maryland focused on building community through providing local and organic food. Currently Dawson’s Market has an annual electricity usage of approximately 1,000,000 kwh, all of which is offset by wind power from a wind farm in Pennsylvania. We chose to turn toward wind power as the sole energy source for our 20,000 square foot store because we believe in supporting our community not only through the food we eat and provide but through the longevity of our shared environment. As a mission driven organization we operate from a standpoint of a triple bottom line – one that includes leading by example through environmental initiatives. The process of procuring a green power provider was easy and seamless. It was only a matter of contacting the right local provider based on referrals and delivering our electricity bill to them for an estimate. After that, setup was easy and quick and the benefits we’ve received since are fantastic. With green power we actually save money on our electricity bill each month. We are also now able to use it as a promotional tool to attract mission minded customers and have partnered with our green energy provider to bring greater awareness to Rockville residents and other businesses about the benefits and importance of green power. “Offsetting our energy 100% through wind power was an easy decision for Dawson’s Market. We save money and do good. We would have just settled for being do-gooders but the money saving aspect is certainly an attractive one. Overall we’re thrilled and hope that our customers appreciate that their food is made, bought and sold using the awesome power of the wind.” – Becky Crump, Marketing Director for Dawson’s Market & Ellwood Thompson’s

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