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Green Power Partnership

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Town of Brookeville, MD
Location Brookeville, MD
Organization Type Govt. (Local, Municipal)
Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) 30,500
Percentage Green Power 100%
Percent of Green Power Use Third-Party Certified (excluding On-site) 100%
Organization-wide Partner Yes
Partner's Reporting Period 4/1/2014 - 3/31/2015
Latest Annual Report Received On 4/10/2014
Partner Profile
Brookeville is a historic Maryland community founded in 1794 and incorporated in 1808. During the War of 1812, when British troops burned the White House, President James Madison sought refuge in Brookeville on August 26, 1814. Today the Town of Brookeville has 55 individual properties and approximately 135 residents. The municipality and its residents use renewable energy for about half of their total power usage. Several years ago the Brookeville Commissioners appointed an Energy Advisory Committee to investigate ways in which the town might support sustainable growth and reduce its energy consumption. An outgrowth of that committee’s activities led to a sustained effort on the part of several of its members to challenge both the municipality and the community to purchase wind energy. Recent pricing which resulted in lower cost for wind energy has made that effort easier. Michael Acierno, President of the Commissioners has stated that “being a member of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership provides Brookeville the opportunity to more widely promote our commitment to renewable energy sources and the resulting environmental and economic advantages”.

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