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January 6, 2015
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Released on April 27, 2015

Top 30 Local Government icon.The Top 30 Local Government list represents the largest green power users among local government partners within the Green Power Partnership. The combined green power use of these organizations amounts to nearly 3 billion kilowatt-hours annually, which is equivalent to the electricity use of more than 280,000 average American homes annually.

My Administration has made a commitment to generate 20% of electricity used in Philadelphia from alternative energy sources, as laid out in our sustainability plan Greenworks Philadelphia. We are honored to be [recognized for] our efforts and will continue to pursue clean energy policies that benefit residents and the environment.
- Mayor Michael A. Nutter, City of Philadelphia

Usage figures are based on annualized Partner contract amounts (kilowatt-hours), not calendar year totals. These rankings are updated on a quarterly schedule. Find out how your organization can partner with EPA today! To view a top partner list, select from the chart below:

Annual Green Power Usage (kWh) GP % of Total Electricity Use* Green Power Resources Providers (listed in descending order by kWh supplied to Partner)
1. City of Houston, TX
623,013,375 50% Solar, Wind Reliant Energy°, On-site Generation
2. District of Columbia
459,000,000 100% Wind WGL Energy°
3. City of Austin, TX
372,344,963 99% Wind Austin Energy°
4. City of Dallas, TX
359,368,000 50% Wind Invenergy
5. Montgomery County Clean Energy Buyers Group
223,307,000 40% Wind Renewable Choice Energy°
6. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
129,255,000 30% Solar, Wind Champion Energy Services, On-site Generation
7. City of Portland, OR
88,513,000 60% Biogas, Small-hydro, Solar, Wind 3Degrees°, On-site Generation
8. Port of Portland
75,070,343 103% Solar, Wind NextEra Energy Resources°, On-site Generation
9. Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
59,952,598 28% Wind Constellation
10. Forest County Potawatomi Community
55,035,000 105% Solar 3Degrees°, On-site Generation
11. City of Philadelphia, PA
54,690,000 7% Biogas, Geothermal, Solar, Wind On-site Generation, PPL EnergyPlus°
12. Chicago Park District
54,435,411 50% Various Integrys Energy°
13. Western Pennsylvania Energy Consortium
42,640,681 25% Various Duquesne Light Energy
14. City of Columbus, OH
42,443,700 14% Biomass, Wind American Municipal Power, American Electric Power°
15. City of Boston, MA
33,613,000 25% Wind Renewable Choice Energy°
16. City of Grand Rapids, MI
26,830,667 27% Biogas, Solar, Wind Consumers Energy°, On-site Generation
17. City of Santa Monica, CA
25,900,000 100% Solar, Wind Commerce Energy°, On-site Generation
18. City of Edmond, OK
23,879,476 70% Wind Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority
19. City of Evanston, IL
23,027,757 100% Solar, Wind MC Squared Energy Services°, On-site Generation
20. City of Bellingham, WA
22,000,000 100% Wind Puget Sound Energy°
21. City of San Diego, CA
20,344,825 8% Biogas, Small-hydro, Solar On-site Generation
22. City of Denton, TX
18,067,467 59% Biogas, Wind Denton Municipal Electric
23. Arlington County, VA
16,066,107 19% Solar, Wind Dominion Virgina Power°, On-site Generation
24. City of Rockville, MD
16,000,000 100% Wind Renewable Choice Energy°
25. City of Palo Alto, CA
15,996,000 56% Solar City of Palo Alto Utilities°
26. Austin (TX) Independent School District
15,429,997 11% Wind Austin Energy°
27. Los Angeles World Airports
15,404,043 10% Biomass, Wind Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power
28. City of Worcester, MA
14,500,000 25% Wind Renewable Choice Energy°
29. Yolo County, CA
13,501,338 152% Solar On-site Generation
30. City of Lacey, WA
12,566,008 100% Biogas, Small-hydro, Solar, Wind Puget Sound Energy°

*Reflects the amount of green power as a percentage of total electricity use. Partners choosing to purchase green power in an amount exceeding 100 percent of their U.S. organization-wide electricity use are listed as such.

°Indicates Provider is selling Partner a third-party certified green power product. For more information on third-party certification, visit http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/buygp/certified.htm.

Current and past Top Local Government Partners lists are available here for you to view and print:

April 2015 list (PDF) (3 pp, 143K, About PDF)
January 2015 list (PDF) (4 pp, 89K)
October 2014 list (PDF) (4 pp, 219K)
July 2014 list (PDF) (3 pp, 69K)
April 2014 list (PDF) (3 pp, 79K)
January 2014 list (PDF) (3 pp, 79K)
November 2013 list (PDF) (4 pp, 79K)
July 2013 list (PDF) (3 pp, 308K)
April 2013 list (PDF) (2 pp, 159K)
January 2013 list (PDF) (3 pp, 247K)
2012 lists (PDF) (8 pp, 289K)
2011 lists (PDF) (8 pp, 1.1M)
2010 lists (PDF) (8 pp, 1.1M)
2009 lists (PDF) (8 pp, 1.1M)
2008 lists (PDF) (5 pp, 142K)
2007 lists (PDF) (5 pp, 168K)
2006 lists (PDF) (2 pp, 44K)

For additional information on how your organization can join these Top Partners as Green Power Partners, please visit the Join Us page of this Web site.

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