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Great Lakes Ecological Protection and Restoration

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Ecological Restoration Master Plan
Muskegon Lake, Ruddiman Creek and nearby shoreline - March 2008

The final Ecological Restoration Master Plan has been endorsed by the Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership (MLWP).  The primary focus of the MLWP will be to implement the goals and objectives in the Plan that contribute to reaching BUI removal and restoration targets. The group will also work to accomplish additional plan objectives to the greatest practical extent.  The Habitat Committee of the MLWP will act as the central coordinator to plan new habitat restoration projects that meet the BUI targets. The Habitat Committee will oversee the implementation of projects identified in the Plan and coordinate related monitoring programs. The West Michigan Shoreline Redevelopment Commission will assist the MLWP Habitat Committee by facilitating meetings and providing staff support to ensure that planning and writing proposals for future restoration projects continue. 


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