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Project Requirements and Forms


GLNPO Project Requirements: information for applicants

All requirements applicable to Federal EPA assistance agreements are applicable to your projects. This includes government-wide requirements pertaining to:

EPA regulations governing assistance programs and recipients are codified in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The generic requirements below may apply to projects funded through GLNPO. GLNPO Project Officers may also advise you of additional requirements applicable to your projects or may request some "tailoring" of the generic requirements.

These generic and specific requirements may result in costs that you had not previously anticipated. These costs should be reflected in proposed budgets. GLNPO requests that you include the applicable requirements in proposed workplans.

For projects involving environmental data collection, there is a potential benefit in savings and efficiency if you prepare your proposal in the form of a Quality Assurance Project Plan.

If a Project Officer has been assigned to your project, that Project Officer is the best person to advise you on whether particular requirements below apply to your project.

Generic Requirements

Progress Reports

Semi-annual project progress reports shall be submitted electronically to the US EPA Project Officer within 30 days of the end of the reporting period.

Draft Final Report

Both the electronic and the paper version of the draft Final Report will be submitted to the US EPA Project Officer prior to Final Report submittal.

Final Report

Both the electronic and the paper version of the Final Report shall be provided to the US EPA Project Officer for acceptance and approval at the completion of the project. The Final Report will, at EPA's discretion, be placed on EPA's website or intranet Intranet site. The Final Report is subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Your Final Report must be submitted in three formats:

Project Documentation

The Recipient shall document, in writing and pictures, environmental progress under the project. Such documentation shall be submitted as part of progress reports and in the Final Report.


Payment of Federal funds shall be in accordance with the award agreement, up to 95% of the total allowable award. When the Final Report is delivered to the US EPA Project Officer and approved, the remaining 5% of the Federal share of total allowable costs will be paid.


Time and travel costs along with participation in professional meetings and conferences funded under this agreement shall be approved by the US EPA Project Officer in advance.


No portion of this work shall be subcontracted without the explicit notification and written approval by the US EPA Project Officer.

Quality Assurance

This project proposal will be reviewed to determine whether a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) will be needed.

Applicants who will need a QAPP may be able to save time and money if they prepare their proposal according to Required Elements in a Quality Assurance Project Plan.

Further guidance, including the document "QA/R5: EPA Requirements for Quality Assurance Project Plans" can be found at the EPA QA Division's website: http://www.epa.gov/quality/.

Contact GLNPO's QA Manager, Louis Blume (312) 353-2317 or the QA Associate, John Crncic (312) 886-9698, with questions or to request a sample QAPP.

Locational Information

Locational information (latitude and longitude) shall be reported for all areas of interest in this agreement (ex: sampling sites/areas, restoration sites/areas, etc.) according to the National Geospatial Data Policy (Geospatial Policies and Standards)

Data Reporting

All environmental monitoring data collected under this agreement shall be reported to GLNPO in spreadsheet format, preferably Microsoft Excel. Contact Louis Blume (312) 353-2317 or Mary Beth Giancarlo (312) 886-2253 with questions or to receive a hard copy of the format.

Safety Manual

Lab and field activities conducted for this project must be in accordance with provisions of the GLNPO Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance Manual. Contractors and Recipients are required to have read the contents of the Manual prior to initiating field operations.


The Recipient will erect a visible project identification sign at each significant access point to the project. Each sign must give project information and credit the United States Environmental Protection Agency - Great Lakes National Program Office for funding. Subject to the US EPA Project Officer's approval, the Recipient will determine the design, placement, and materials for each sign. [Source: 40 CFR §30.515]

Disposition of Wastes

Disposal of all wastes will be in accordance with State and Federal regulations, and is the responsibility of the Recipient.

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